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About me

HelloooO Friends, 
I am Ahmad Mahmood. The owner of Every1post.
I started blogging nearly September 2012. now I am not a professional blogger but I want to become a professional blogging for this I struggle to find a name in professional blogging. i have no others activities,
Dear friends before to start blogging I think that when I have my own website, I keen to make a my personal web,,,
the object of my to make a website to help the students,because a correct info  is deliver to students  free of cost  and every students its rights,when correct info is not getted by students at this time then unbearable depression and difficulty occur, and i feels it better because i am  prey of this situation ah!  but this dream is no come into reality in approximately 3 to 4 years ,...
One day when i passed my HCSC, then i spend my lot of time on internet. Suddenly I search some thing on Google search engine accidentally I open the when I enter my email and password then the my life become a happy my dream come into realty, my efforts bore fruits, and I succesded to form a blog and this blogging become my worthy hobby ,I spend my lot of time on my blog,and keep up to date.
All the books and other literary material,software,scholarships news admission news,etc posted on this website is free, non commercial and only for the sake of educational purpose.You can find out more here
All credits goes to google and blogger team that provide oppurtunity to me to become my dreams in realty thanks a lot oh yes this is my short story....